mallory pracale

Mallory Pracale

Vice President of Compliance & Asset Management

Mallory Pracale is a recent addition to the Forman Automotive team. During a business acquisition, she was asked to join the group and started in June 2020. As the Vice President of Compliance & Asset Management, Mallory is responsible for managing acquisitions, property leases, and the maintenance and sales of any real estate. She brings on years of experience in both residential and commercial real estate, as well as experience managing construction for her previous company. Mallory says she enjoys the novelty of her job and having to constantly reinvent especially now due to the unique market conditions. 

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Mallory sees a different side to the city of glimmering lights. Enjoying the much calmer pace of the outskirts of Vegas, Mallory frequents the local orchid and farms. Though she briefly left the city to attend BYU, she returned home and finished her degree in Elementary Education at UNLV. While her career path has changed, Mallory still embodies her nurturing energy through her two children and extensive plant collection.