Lee Keach

Executive Vice President of Pre Owned Acquisitions

Lee Keach began his career in the automotive industry at the ripe age of 22. He cut his teeth handling high-end and exotic automobiles for the founder of Robb Report Magazine, Robert White. Continuing with his entrepreneurial spirit, Lee went on to manage his own company in another industry, however, just three short years later the auto industry lured him back. Taking his knowledge and experience with luxury and late-model vehicles, Lee built many custom cars and trucks for high-profile clients around Las Vegas. Though Lee is among some of the most experienced in the industry, his long-time clients say his strongest attributes, aside from experience, are his honesty and transparency.

After taking notice of his work, Don Forman sparked a business relationship with Lee. The two went on to manage United Racing together pulling off eight championship wins in just 11 years. Lee joined Forman Automotive to buy and sell used cars, which he’s assisted with nearly 2 million vehicle acquisitions in his lifetime.